My men’s league basketball team was due for a jersey upgrade, and instead of our normal t-shirts we decided to go all out and get full uniforms. Because one of our team members works for MusclePharm, we decided to go with the lime green and black combination, and found a sweet jersey and shorts combination with matching camo patterns.  After careful deliberation of over 400 team name ideas, we settled on Make a Swish Foundation.  For what it’s worth, if we happen to win our league championship, we will be donating the money to the Make a Wish Foundation.  So cheer for us!

Rather than just find a font or reuse our last logo, I challenged myself to come up with something fresh, and completely by hand.  So what you see here is a custom lettering and number font I created from scratch just for this team.  I wanted a streamlined, geometric style that tied into the digital camo pattern.  The details include a subtle nod to basketball with the “W” being a rim and net, and a touch of digital camo inside the numbers.  I had to create nearly the entire alphabet, so I’m considering finishing off the set and making it available as a font file for everyone to enjoy.