PP&Co came to me needing a quick-hitting marketing piece for an upcoming job fair they were attending.  Their concept included distinct sections for “Our Story” and “Your Story” as way to clearly promote the company and lay out the qualities their ideal candidate would have.  The back page was called “The Whole Story” going into more detail about the specific benefits of working for PP&Co.

From a design standpoint, this made for a pretty clear cut solution. The front side of the flyer was split vertically to create two content areas.  To add a little fun to it, the sections were cut on a slight angle, adding interest to the photo, and creating a sense of depth with the quote bubble from the managing partner.  For typography, we used a font with a hand-drawn feel for the headings to emphasize the personal touch in storytelling.  For subheadings, a sans-serif font with soft edges was chosen to reinforce the friendly, approachable feeling of PP&Co.  For the body copy, careful attention was paid to spacing between sections, to make sure everything was organized and easy to read.