I’m not a counterfeiter, I swear!

As you can imagine, tax season for an accounting firm is a stressful time.  So as way to give back, PP&Co gave their employees $100 to spend to ease their stress.  But they wanted to present it to them in a fun way.  Since their managing partner’s name is Marc, they came up with the idea to play off of the German 100 Deutsche Mark and call it a “Marc”.  I was given a few sample bank notes to work from (see third image), a photo of Marc, and some suggestions for graphical elements to include.  I don’t think PP&Co expected an extremely detailed design, but I was up for the challenge.  I matched colors as closely as I could, and found textures to use for graphical elements and text to simulate the Deutsche Mark.  But the real focal point was the picture of Marc.  By creating custom patterns (in a six step process!), I was able to create a one color version of Marc that truly looked like it belonged on currency.