It’s time for yet another shoe illustration, although this one incorporates a lovely photograph of a cockroach as well. I’m not sure if this will become a series, but when I was thinking about what shoe to draw, I figured why not go with one that I will likely never own. It’s a sad truth to accept, but when a shoe is this rare and a European release, guys like me are looking at a mortgage payment to pick up a pair.

The shoe is a New Balance 577, as envisioned by the Rotterdam boutique Lfstl, to represent their city. They are referred to as the Kakkerlak’s, which translates into cockroach (see, that wasn’t completely random imagery). They’re not always pretty, but they endure. I won’t bore you with the history, but it’s beautiful shoe with Made in UK quality and shape, and a premium mix of materials that comes together in a very well-balanced and classy way. Size 11, please!