By winning their regional tournament this year, the Harper College women’s volleyball team qualified for the national tournament in Minnesota.  There the Hawks would not only compete for, but WIN a national  championship!  While claiming the title was surely the highlight of the trip, a close second was the t-shirt exchange where the competing teams swapped shirts to commemorate the tournament.

I was happy to lend a hand to design the shirt for the team.  The girls had their heart set on a tie-dye shirt, which means the design had to be bold and easy to see.  Choosing to focus on typography was a logical choice.  To personalize the design, we focused on a saying they use while playing – Pump It Up, Say What Say What.  The lettering for Pump It Up was custom drawn, and all typography was given a multi-step 3D effect.  To pull it all together, we added a volleyball and the Harper College Hawks logo.   These shirts were very special to them, and needless to say a very hot item at the shirt exchange!