Blush Salon & Spa contacted me because their current web presence didn’t match up with the professional, high-end services they provide.  They wanted a new site with a modern, professional look and feel.  We started on the homepage with a full screen screen slideshow focusing on big impact images.  Immediately you know that you’re in good hands and are dealing with skilled stylists.  The other pages keep it relatively simple by focusing on the content, making sure it’s well organized and easy to read.  To add some fun, angled sections were used to define the content areas.  You’ll find functionality through all pages on the site, including a sticky menu that pops up when you scroll down the page to ensure you can access the other pages no matter what you are viewing.  The team page features individual slideshows for each staff member, to allow them to showcase multiple photos of everyone without clogging up the page with a dozen galleries.  And on the contact page you’ll find a customized Google map and contact form.  It was also important to Blush to have a site that was responsive, so that it could be viewed on any mobile phone or tablet.  If you check it out you’ll see every page has been optimized for a handful of different screen sizes.  This site was a lot of fun to do, and if you’re in the Crystal Lake, IL area and need a haircut, you should definitely check out Blush!