Update:  The owners have retired, therefore the site is down 🙂

Beyond Blinds, Inc. came to me in need of a fresh new look.  Unlike a lot of clients who are (and want to remain) hands off in the maintenance of their website, Beyond Blinds was looking for a solution that would allow them to easily mange the content of their site and add new content to it.  It’s great for SEO, and it gives them a way to continuously connect with their customers.  Doing a custom WordPress site was the perfect solution for them.  It gave them the #1 blogging platform to share content, and allowed me enough design freedom to tailor the look of the website exactly to their needs.

Doing a website for a company that makes its living adding beauty to people’s homes meant that the design of their website had to be just as beautiful and well designed.  It all started with a modern color palette pulled from their logo, built in a responsive framework that allows the site to be viewed on all devices.  One unique thing we did on this one was stretch the content the full width of the page.  With widescreen monitors being the standard these days, this allowed photos and other featured elements to be as large as possible, eliminated the dead area you so often see to the left and the right of the main content.  We didn’t want to compromise legibility with unusually wide columns of text, so we kept those at a smaller percentage of the page to ensure easy reading.  To cap it off, we added some subtle parallax effect to images, moving slightly as you scroll, and blurring out as they move out of the browser window.