I wanted to illustrate one of my favorite shoes,  the Asics Gel Lyte III, but do so in a more abstract way, using only one shape, a circle.  Well let’s just say I got carried away.  I started zooming in on small areas and before I knew it things got out of hand, to the point where I put the project down for months.  To be honest, I thought I’d never finish it.  It was meant to be something abstract, and it started to look more and more like a realistic piece. But I’m happy I didn’t give up.  I think at a glance it looks like a pretty typical illustration, but on closer examination the circles (all 10,000) of them, give it a nice texture and depth.


There are over a dozen Gel Lyte III variations I could have chose from, but I went with the Ronnie Fieg “Super Green” version for one simple reason.  I can never own it.  A run of these shoes were made as a charitable project for Soles for Souls (read more about that here), so they were not sold to the public.  So I thought I’d commemorate it as the subject for this illustration.  I did a few other versions below, check them out in the other photos in the slideshow, including a wireframe view showing you exactly how many circles there are!