Too Many Women, Not Enough…Bro’s?

Pinterest is anything but a sausage fest, which in this case, is a big problem.

Like most housewives, new moms, and teenage girls, I have become a big fan of the site.  The problem?  Well, I’m not any of those things I just described.  In fact, I’m not even female, which means right away i’m in the minority of Pinterest users (stats say over 70% of Pinterest users are female).  I suppose someday I’ll have reason to repin the latest recipes, art projects targeting for 1 year olds, and updos for the next school dance.  But right now, there’s just not a lot for me.

So I write this post as a plea to men out there of all ages.  I beg you.  Please join Pinterest today, and then actually use it.  I want to keep going back to Pinterest to see what my friends and colleagues are interested in.  I find it truly interesting.  In fact I know a lot more now about what my friends are really than I’ve learned in years spending time with them in person.  But until now, it’s basically just female friends, and at this point I’m much more likely to search the web for something to pin myself than to see what others are pinning.  I want to see what kind of cars you’re drooling over, what sneakers you’re willing to camp out for, and what clothes you’re willing to part with your beer money to purchase.  In fact, go ahead and post recipes and food you can actually make.  I want to know what kind of meats you’re grilling, or what you’re stuffing your face with as you lay on the couch watching sports all weekend.  That is really USEFUL stuff.  I suppose you can put some handy DIY tips in there as well.  But I don’t mean what crafty object you can make out of yarn and popsicle sticks, I’m talking about cleaning tips that save you time on the “manly” tasks your wife or girlfriend has so thoughtfully delegated to you.

Don’t just do this for me, but for all men out there who could use a bit of masculine inspiration.  Feel free to follow me on Pinterest (click here), and I’ll return the favor, assuming your feed isn’t full of dresses, yoga techniques, and photos of flowers.

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