Conrad Design is the online portfolio of graphic designer Ryan Conrad, showcasing my work in print, web, corporate identity and collateral design.  What began as a collection of occasional freelance projects has grown into a steady stream of design work for clients across the country.  With over 8 years of professional design experience, you can be assured that you’re not getting some amateur who happened to get his hands on a copy of Photoshop.  With a keen eye and an unmatched work ethic, your project will be taken seriously, managed professionally, and delivered on time to your exact specifications.




Nowadays you can’t afford NOT to have a website. Whether you’re a one man show or manage hundreds of employees, your website is often time the first place potential clients look to find out information about you. I can help you build your online brand with strong visuals that support your company’s mission, targeting the right demographic, and give you the flexibility to grow in the future. I have built all types of websites sites, including ones custom coded from scratch, eye-popping flash sites, and ones that run on popular CMS and blogging platforms like WordPress and Joomla. If you’re not quite sure what you want, or more importantly what you need, relax – I will present a variety of options to you to ensure the website is a perfect fit for you and your company.



With such an emphasis on online marketing and social media, many companies overlook the need to have strong marketing materials that your customers can physically touch and feel. While having a great website is critical, you can’t leave it behind after a meeting with a prospective client or hand it out at a networking event. I can create a variety of printed pieces to help your company market itself. I have designed a variety printed pieces ranging from postcards to small brochures and magazines, all the way up to 80+ page catalogs. I have experience designing full color as well as in grayscale and black and spot color only versions which can be more challenging. Do you need something set up with a custom size or special fold? No problem – my job isn’t finished just because the design is approved. I will continue to work with the printer to make sure they have exactly what they need to ensure your printed pieces come out even better than expected.



Your logo is a visual representation of you or your company. Is your current logo sending the message you want? If not, or if you need a new logo, I can help you. I excel at creating timeless designs that will represent your company well now and in the future. While too many people get caught up chasing the trends, I avoid that trap by doing research about your business and competitors as well as spending time with you brainstorming key words and phrases that stand for your business. This way, you end up with an icon that not only represents your company, but visually supports what you stand for. Not only that, I guarantee that it can be used in any format, in print or on the web, and it will look good at any size, even in one color. Once we have that nailed down, we can start on the rest of your custom identity package. A logo is nice, but having well designed collateral marketing materials like business cards and letterhead is even better. I’m here to ensure that your company’s brand is developed thoroughly and cohesively, no matter the media.



When was the last time you thought about your company’s image?  Is your website getting the traffic you’re looking for?  Are your marketing materials creating new business opportunities for you?  I believe these are questions you should ask yourself annually, just to make sure you’re doing everything you can to be successful.  If you’ve realized that your company’s image isn’t what you’d like, or it’s not being conveyed as effectively as possible, I can help you.  What worked 5 years ago might not work now.  Maybe it’s time we connected and gave your company a little check up to see what can be done to get you where you want to be.



Conrad Design is located near Chicago, Illinois.  If you happen to be in the area let’s meet for a cup of coffee to discuss your next project.  Or if you’d prefer, we can chat about the Bulls, Bears, Cubs (next year is our year, right?), Hawks, or why Chicago is the greatest city in the world even if you need to take a second mortgage out on your home in order to afford to park in the city.  But seriously, I’m good with long distance relationships too.  With e-mail, Skype, and FaceTime, there’s no reason why we can’t join forces even if you’re thousands of miles away.  I recently finished up projects with clients in California and Nevada, and they went as smoothly as if I was working with my next-door neighbors.



By now I’ve given you my best soft sell on the graphic and web design services I have to offer you or your company, but I’d like to tell you why YOU might be a good client for me.   Often times as I battle through projects with styles or subject matter that I’m not too fond of, I dream about that ideal project that’s right up my alley.  You know, the one that you feel confident that you can knock out of the park before even starting the brainstorming process.  I thought it would be helpful to share my design philosophy with you, so you can know if we’re as compatible as I hope we are.

I’m a minimalist at heart, so I believe less is more.  And I don’t mean that I want to give you less and charge you more (I actually pride myself on making good design affordable for any budget).  What I mean is that my goal is to pare down the design to only what is essential.  In the end your company’s logo, website, or marketing materials exist to convey information.  So it’s my challenge to find the most effective way to convey that message, and do it in an organized, easy to understand, good-looking package.  I don’t like to include graphical elements that don’t enhance your message visually.  If the design is too busy or hard to understand, then you know I didn’t do it.  Instead of trying to do everything, it’s my goal to find out what’s best, and do it in as streamlined a way as possible.  As a wise professor once told me, keep it simple, stupid.  If you like how that sounds, then I think we’ll make a good team.