Below you’ll find a selection of my featured work – just scroll down and enjoy.  You can view my full portfolio by clicking the main menu item in the upper right hand corner of the page.


Whether it’s brochures, catalogs, flyers or postcards, print isn’t dead.  In this digital age, printed pieces your customer can hold in their hands can make an impact now more than ever.  Scroll down to check out a few examples of print projects I’ve completed recently.


Has your website been optimized down to the last detail?  Does it give you all the functionality you need?  Is it the best representation of you and your business?  If not, I can help.  Scroll down to check out a few examples of a few sites that have launched recently.


Your logo is everything.  It’s how people recognize you.  Putting your best foot forwards starts with your logo, followed by collateral pieces like business cards and letterhead to reinforce the message.  Scroll down to check out a couple identity packages I’ve worked on.


Why so serious? Even though I prefer to spend my free time away from a computer screen, sometimes I feel like putting something together just for the fun of it.  And because I never seem to land a project about sneakers.  Scroll down to check out a few of those pieces.


I am currently available for work and would love to hear about any projects you have in mind. Feel free to get the ball rolling by contacting me using the form below.

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